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New Frontier 21 is a team of con­sul­tants, led by Dr. Anthony Muham­mad, who share common mission and core beliefs. We pro­vid­e edu­ca­tors with the best avail­able train­ing to elim­i­nate achieve­ment gap. We also host workshops, where educators are trained in practical strategies that enable extraordinary results.

New Frontier 21 was founded by Dr. Anthony Muhammad in 2006. Dr. Muhammad observed a void in the field of education in the area of authentic and powerful professional development opportunities for urban and rural educators. As a successful and award-winning teacher and administrator, he wanted to provide real strategies that would empower educators to eliminate the student achievement gap.

Today, New Frontier 21 is widely recognized as the nation’s best provider of services to educators in urban and rural areas. We provide powerful on-site services, professional workshops, books and support material, and free online articles to empower educators.

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