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Discomfort in Change

One universal principle associated with change is discomfort. When a person chooses to change their physical reality and engage in a fitness program, the change process does not began until there is discomfort. When a person wants to change fiscal and spending habits, there is a point where the desire to spend clashes with the […]

Uncommitted to Change?

Change is a very difficult process, but it is the catalyst to continuous improvement. It tests our ability as professionals at many different levels. Sometimes, when things get too challenging, we tend to look for short-cuts or we quietly surrender. We live in a political climate that demands that we change, whether we choose to […]

Support and Accountability

Effective leadership is a balancing act of support and accountability. Whenever either one of the principles are out of balance, the culture of the organization, and ultimately the productivity of the organization start to suffer. As I travel the world and work with schools in search of improved results, I often encounter leaders who are […]


The philosophical foundation of the public school system is the principle of equality. Equality is the belief that everyone deserves an equal chance at success and that everyone is capable of achieving success. Every system in a Professional Learning Community is built upon this concept. “When a school or district functions as a PLC, educators […]

Building Team Efficacy

I have had the pleasure of working with collaborative teams of teachers who are in the beginning stages of their PLC journey for ten years. Over that period of time, I have had the opportunity to witness some phenomenal teams and I have had the opportunity to witness some very dysfunctional teams. What separates the […]

Education 2.0 – Preparing Kids and Schools for an Ever-changing World

by: Anthony Muhammad, Ph.D., Jason Hillman, and Kwame Stephens “No generation can escape the responsibility of deciding what students should learn by analyzing what adults are called upon to do and the current climate of their society.” (Bellanca and Brandt, 2010). In 2013, the local farms have been taken over by corporations, the factories are […]

The Critical Tool in Creating Healthy Learning Environments

Language: The Critical Tool in Creating Healthy Learning Environments by Anthony S. Muhammad, Ph.D. As schools and systems struggle to focus and align the talents of the diverse members of their organization, one critical tool stands out more than any other.  That tool is language.  Language is our auditory expression of thought.  Whoever controls the […]

Who’s In Charge?: All of Us!

Who’s In Charge?: All of Us! Anthony S. Muhammad, Ph.D. The structure and hierarchy of organizations have always been fascinating to me.  Schools are by far, the most fascinating organization to study these phenomena. In decades past, the hierarchy was very clear, the administrator was the boss and everyone followed his/her direction or they were […]

Transforming School Culture Study Guide

A free study guide for Dr. Muhammad’s book “Transforming School Culture” is available for free download.

VIDEO: 2nd Summit For Unprecedented Achievement

Dr. Muhammad introduces the focus for our upcoming Detroit summit: Sign up now!

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