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Dr. Muhammad Interviewed by NBC 25’s Elizabeth MacFarland

Dr. Muhammad was recently interviewed by NBC 25’s Elizabeth MacFarland. A transcript of Part 1 and Part 2 of the interview is also available.

The Cost of Low Student Achievement

Inequality and varied levels of academic achievement among America’s students based upon cultural, racial, socioeconomic, and gender lines has been status quo for over 100 years. Reports highlighting disparities in academic performance between certain student groups in our nation has become passé, and have only caused alarm in certain pockets within American society. But, with […]

What is an Educational Professional?

The above question is one that has been asked for decades and has yet to receive a uniform and adequate answer. As I travel North America and conduct professional development for educators, I oft-times ask this question to participants and I get a wide range of answers. Some of those answers include qualities like compassion, […]

Self-Reflection: The Foundation for Improvement

The true path to improvement begins with an honest analysis of performance and schools are no different. Unfortunately, the anxiety caused by recent accountability initiatives like No Child Left Behind (NCLB) have made schools, school leaders in particular, afraid to be truly self-reflective for fear of affecting ethos or image. This reluctance to critically self-analyze […]

Education is Everyone’s Business — Ending the Recession and Improving America

When the founding fathers of the United States shaped this nation and established the Constitution, public education was not a fact of life. In fact, education is not mentioned at all in the U.S. Constitution. Over two centuries later, it may be the public school system that pulls our economy and nation out of the […]

Spreading Hope

January 20, 2009 witnessed the swearing-in of the forty-fourth president of the United States, Barack H. Obama. This event was significant for many reasons. The nation, for the first time in its history, elected an African-American to its top office. This act by the American people symbolized to many the end of a brutal era […]

Leading Schools in Tough Economic Times

The extraordinary economic crisis worldwide has caused many people to rethink their priorities. During this crisis, we have witnessed people losing their homes, massive job losses, and banks and other financial institutions going bankrupt. This crisis has touched every segment of our society and we are now witnessing it creep into the financial resources of […]

Reality Check

As an educator of over twenty years, I have seen a lot in my time in the profession. One reality that I have witnessed is the disconnection from reality that many educators exhibit. Non-traditional educators, those who have chosen education as a second career, are oft-times flabbergasted by some of the attitudes and dispositions displayed […]

The Collaborative Administrator

The Collaborative Administrator, a new book coauthored by Dr. Anthony Muhammad, is now available at Solution Tree. In it, Dr. Muhammad and 12 other practitioners explore the nature of leadership in a PLC. Discover this and other resources by the New Frontier 21 team of consultants at our store.

Things Have Changed

The internet has revolutionized how society interacts and does business, and a society’s most precious institution is the public school system! So, when technology reaches the hands of educators (the most important members of society), the internet finds real value. The ideas that shape powerful schools happen in real time and New Frontier 21 is […]

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