Overcoming the Bell Curve

The Bell Curve just won’t do anymore. Schools need to ensure that all students learn. Some say this is impossible — that a disparity in student performance is natural. Although when the results are scrutinized, it’s true in nearly every school across the nation that lower economic and minority groups are highly represented in failing populations. Is the Bell Curve really nature or a result of a societal self-fulfilling prophecy that creates the Achievement Gap?

In schools today, it is unethical to continue on that path.

This new school year brings a fresh set of smiling faces to you, kids whose hopes, fears, and loves all rest in the hands of their teacher. For the time shared during the school day, teachers are everything to their students: parent, partner, and mentor. If you know that you are not addressing the educational needs of ten, twenty, or thirty percent of your student population, shouldn’t you do something tangible about it? How would reaching those students change the rest of their lives? What would academic success with all of your students mean to you? What would it mean to them?

The reality is that shining examples of what is possible with student achievement are available throughout the nation. I believe that a core group of educators can begin a revolution to change their school and the lives of the children they serve. I believe this is our duty as educators, to open our students’ minds with carefully crafted curriculum and teaching that is connected to our student’s lives and interests. I believe that teachers who dedicate themselves to the ideals of change and tender their duty with enthusiasm and modern pedagogical philosophies can eliminate the achievement gap in their schools. The result of such practices is nothing short of changing the world, one student, one class, and one day at a time.


  1. Will you be helping or teaching this workshop? We hope so.

    May 4
    Creating Powerful Learning Environments

  2. Sorry, but to many years of teaching reading to the remedial student as well as the non-remedial student along with research done by me as well as that done by others shows a definite positive correlation between IQ and student achievement.
    My experience for over 30 years in education ranging from kindergarten through adult education in prisons leads me to believe that intelligence doesn’t recognize color, gender or creed. What is happening with your modern pedagogical philosophies is a persevering effort to group more students at higher levels and really neglecting the best and the brightest intellects in the classroom. Mediocrity is what you will achieve without respect for our gifted.
    The Gods are fairer than humans in that they don’t bestow high IQ’s on the rich anymore than the rest of our population as demonstrated by George W..
    Your can’t put a VW in a race with a Ferrari so deal with each where he/she is in the real world.
    Pat Kelso

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