Alexander McNeece

Alexander McNeece

Alexander McNeece is a multi-award winning school administrator whose goal is to eliminate the Achievement Gap by using motivational reading material, developing a school culture of writing, and integrating 21st Century technology into every facet of his teachers’ teaching and his students’ learning.

Alexander is a skilled school improvement facilitator and has worked with teachers, parents, and administrative teams around the country to develop real school improvement plans. School improvement planning only works if the participants are compelled to action. Alexander motivates participants by connecting the plan’s actions to the data and the students it’s meant to serve.

As a Curriculum Director, the Common Core State Standards and PARCC and SBAC Assessments are also Alexander’s focus. As a Common Core consultant, he specialized in breakouts, 1-Day, or 3-Day Inservices. Participants leave with a deep understanding of the new Math and ELA Core but clearly understand that Anthony Muhammad’s School Culture Theory must be coupled with these new standards for real change to occur.
21st Century Technology such as video production and media literacy are also focal points of Alexander’s career. As a teacher, he integrated video production with the Michigan English Language Arts Curriculum, culminating at the end of the year with his students writing, acting, directing, and editing their own feature length film which was released at a local movie theatre. Alexander’s students’ success in his Title I, 97% African American middle school classroom was dynamic. His class reached an achievement gap busting 92% passing rate on the 2005 Michigan State English Language Arts Assessment, besting the State average for African American students by 48 percentage points. Alexander has breakouts sessions and 1-day inservices that demonstrate how high-interest books, video production, and writing were used to transform the typical classroom into a place where students found learning undeniable.

As the principal of Douglas Elementary in Garden City, Michigan, Alexander’s school pioneered a video production intervention program for struggling students, called The Douglas Show. That program and the hard work of his teaching staff led to the elimination of student retention at their school; 100% of the school’s students were academically successful from 2008 to 2010. The Douglas team also produced dramatic increases on the State Math and Reading assessments and helped take Douglas from missing AYP in 2006 to an A (2009-2010) grade through the Michigan EdYES school report card! During Alexander’s tenure, Douglas also saw a 400% reduction of student suspensions and school tardies were cut by 1/3. All of this has been done while the school, in the current economic climate, saw a 300% rise in their numbers of free and reduced lunch. Alexander provides leadership mentoring services, 1-day School Culture leadership sessions, and 1-day staff-focused School Culture presentations.

At thirty-nine years old, Alexander holds a bachelors and masters degree from Michigan State University and is currently a doctoral student at Eastern Michigan University. He has authored three high-interest books for struggling readers. Alexander continues to serve as Curriculum Director in Garden City, Michigan. In his free time, he coaches his son’s football team.