Dr. Muhammad A. Khalifa

Dr. Muhammad Khalifa

Dr. Muhammad Khalifa (Ph.D.) is the Robert H. Beck Professor of Ideas in Education in the Department of Organizational Leadership, Policy and Development at the University of Minnesota. He is a former district administrator and science teacher in Detroit Public Schools, and is also a leading expert on educational reform in African and Asian contexts.

He is most noted for helping districts perform equity audits as a way to address injustice, inequity, and dehumanization in school, and has helped leaders select appropriate reforms that counter inequitable practices in school (www.ajusted.org), and has helped school districts close academic and discipline disparities.

Dr. Khalifa’s research examines how school leaders enact culturally responsive leadership practices. He is widely published in the top journals in education. He has published in a wide array of education journals, such as Review of Educational Research, Teachers College Record, Urban Education, and, Educational Administration Quarterly to name a few. He is also coeditor of three books: Handbook on Urban Educational Leadership, Becoming Critical: The Emergence of Social Justice Scholars, and The School to Prison Pipeline: The Role of Culture and Discipline in School.

Most notably, he is the author of Culturally Responsive School Leadership (Harvard Education Press, 2018). The widely anticipated book was written for instructional leaders, principals, superintendents and other central district office administrators. It helps teachers and school leaders understand cultural responsiveness, humanization of students and communities, and make deep systemic changes that lead to educational success for all students. The book can be ordered online at: http://hepg.org/hep-home/books/culturally-responsive-school-leadership

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And here are the topics that I can cover:

  • Culturally Responsive School Leadership (CRSL) as Critical Reflection
  • CRSL and Anti-Bias
  • CRSL and Community Engagement
  • CRSL, Curriculum, and Pedagogy
  • CRSL and Student Identity
  • CRSL and Inclusive School Space
  • Using Equity Audits to grow CRSL

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