Yolanda Bloodsaw

Yolanda Bloodsaw

Yolanda Bloodsaw is an educational practitioner with over 24 years of experience and an earned Doctor of Philosophy in Education, Evaluation and Research in August 2015. Her study examines principals in diversifying suburban schools as well as their transformative leadership practices used to advocate the elimination of deficit thinking through the promotion of cultural competence and social justice so that all students have equitable educational opportunities in classrooms and on standardized assessments. Because many highly qualified teachers are no longer in teacher education programs and are in the classrooms, the transformative practices of principals are essential to helping these teachers become culturally competent which will aid in addressing the gaps in learning by various subgroups.

Yolanda is also an Education Specialist in Administration and holds a Master of Arts in Teaching specializing in Language Arts and Mathematics from Wayne State University. She earned her Bachelor of Arts from the University of Michigan with a concentration in communication and accounting. Yolanda has performed as a middle school mathematics instructor, hip-hop writing instructor, career exploration and technology instructor, assistant principal, and principal. Additionally, she has served on the Board of Directors for the Michigan Elementary and Middle School Principals Association as the Minority Representative and the Board of Directors for the Foundation for Excellence as a Trustee & Grant Committee Chair.

As principal, Yolanda has worked on school improvement teams while simultaneously addressing the gaps in achievement of various subgroups through disaggregating data and seeking Title I funding for at-risk, transient student populations that had low skills in mathematics, literacy, and writing. After being successful in the funding quest, she managed a certified staff of over 60 during the implementation process of Title I interventions for a focus school and the implementation of the candidacy phase of the International Baccalaureate Middle Years Programme. In addition, Yolanda disaggregated the Michigan Educational Assessment Program (MEAP) data and proposed a building-wide (over 800 students) Drop Everything & Write initiative to specifically address the Grade 7 MEAP Writing which went from only 50% proficient (lowest in the district) to 70% proficient (highest in the district) in one academic calendar year. The 20% increase was significant and was reflected across all MEAP subgroups. Likewise, a Saturday school addressing mathematics, literacy and standardized test preparations to specifically focus on the African American subgroup was piloted. Yolanda also restructured the master schedule in order to equalize the core teaching time of English, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies and to maximize English Language Learners and Special Education support through the encore placement of elective classes.

Presentations include: analyzing student-teacher perception to improve school culture and climate; dropping everything to write to increase standardized test scores; using hip-hop to engage students in the writing process; advising math, literacy and test prep boot camp to address fundamental skills; transforming culture through continuity, expectations, and organization; promoting courageous dialogues about the perceptions of race; and discovering bills and taxes through real-life applications.

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